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Madam Nselaa Ward takes grassroots organizing, mobilizing communities, and anti-discrimination training to an unprecedented level.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The world is changing. Laws are changing. People are changing. The future has opened up to a blind spot that is both exciting and stressful. This is not the time to navigate alone when the only thing that is definite is that this is not the same generation of activists from the past 400 years.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is no longer optional or gratuitous. Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor works for radical liberation of Black Lives, Women, Communities of Color, and LGBTQ+.  After organizing the 2004 March for Women’s Lives, the largest march on Washington in the history of the US for it’s time, Madam Nselaa Ward takes grassroots organizing, mobilizing communities, and anti-discrimination training to an unprescedented level.  Whether you are organizing a demonstration, student body, or a corporation, Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor is your non-negotiable teammate to help navigate this contemporary diverse terrain.

International Business Architect

A couple of decades ago many people may not have heard of the term “business architect.” This was because these teammates were often reserved for celebrities and athletes who also had a business, or C-Suites big name executives.

We often wonder why 80-90% of businesses fail, but not for the affluent.  After living in poverty stricken communities and eventually becoming an attorney and executive Nselaa Ward, JD realized that most enterprises were playing with different tools and teams than the average entrepreneur. As  the managing partner of the #1 Business Architect Firm in the South Region, Ni’ Nava & Associates, Nselaa Ward, JD tackles the business and financial revolution and provides these tools to the masses.

The Emotionally Intellectual CEO

We have all been taught that emotions have no place in business, and that business is never personal.  In her signature case study “Broken Homes, Broken Businesses” she examines how all professional is personal. 

Nselaa Ward challenges the common practice of separating business and emotions, and deep dives into how the inner child is running most corporations. She uses this technique to train C-Suite executives and corporations to
operate “Happy, Healthy, Wealthy enterprises.”

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