Your 14 Day Blueprint to Building Your Business and Launching Your Legacy With Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor

Nselaa Ward

14 Days From Living to Legacy is designed for...

…the business owner that has made some money, and now wants to make sure that the core foundation of their company is solid.  This program will give you the foundation to scale your revenue and strengthen your company to become a legacy.

If you are a speaker, consultant, author, attorney, physician, financial advisor, in real estate, a barber or a hairstylist, then we have a special bonus for you as well!

If you are struggling with understanding where to start.

If you have great ideas, but not sure how to get them off of the ground.

If you struggle with paperwork and documentation of your business.

If you feel like you are running a hustle, but you want to run an enterprise.

If you struggle with time and are wearing too many hats in your company.

If you spent a lot of money on programs and still haven’t seen the results you expected.


What Is Included?

  1. Why doesn’t Beyonce’s 24 hours look like mine?
  2. How to make sure your company is registered with the federal government
  3. How to make sure you are registered with the state
  4. How to set up business credit for your company
  5. Nobody told me about the taxes on 7 figures!
  6. How to find your divine purpose
  7. Why you should hire your children
  8. Overcoming money mindset struggles
  9. Why you should start your business at home and how
  10. The truth about Automation, Delegation, & Elimination
  11. How to Create a digital stream of income out of any profession
  12. Business paperwork is a nightmare!  How do I make this easier?
  13. How to price your products and services
  14. The secret to turning your hustle into an enterprise

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