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A Powerhouse Activist, TEDx Speaker, and Business Architect

Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor is a powerhouse activist, TEDx speaker, and business architect. She is the Chairwomen of the International Black Business Agenda and the Managing Partner of Ni’ Nava & Associates. She was given the title of Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor because of her incredible story of transcending from corner block to corner office. As a former child sex worker, turned attorney her story of going from “bars to barred” gives an engaging journey of resilience that inspired her activism. For 20+ years she has been fighting for civil rights and racial justice, economic justice, women’s rights, reproductive justice, lgbtq+ rights, immigration and against police and judicial misconduct.

Madam Nselaa Ward, JD began her activism in United to Stop Systematic Slavery and the Black Out Arts Collective, an organization for the abolishment of the criminal industrial complex. During this time she also toured the world touching over 500,000 through spoken word as one of the top female slam poets in the World, as ranked by the Women of the World Poetry Competition. She was also an original member, and slam champion of the Slam Nuba Poetry Slam Team, a team that was also known for being crowned champion in several world poetry competitions. Madam Nselaa Ward, JD has a unique and loved method of using slam poetry and entertainment to motivate communities around social justice issues.

This led her to become the National Field Director for the National Organization for Women, the largest Women’s Organization in the World. During her tenure she organized the 2004 March for Women’s Lives, which became the largest march on Washington in the history of the United States for it’s time. It brought over 1.2 million people in person to Washington, DC surpassing even the 2017 Women’s March that brought 500,000 to Washington DC.

Even after organizing such a historical event she knew that she was called to
do more. After growing up in crack houses and with rock stars she directly
experienced the effects of the criminal industrial complex on disenfranchised
communities. She transcended herself from sex work to law. Most in the
litigation community say “Objection” is Madam Nselaa Ward’s first language.
She became known as “Suicide Sister,” primarily for her daredevil tactics to beat relative life sentences for her clients. She was notorious for her raw technique of going toe to toe with judges, other attorneys, law enforcement, and administrative officials alike. Even suspension, sexual assault, and jail couldn’t muzzle her voice, Her work and sacrifice was not for nothing, because ultimately she freed over 300 years of black lives from the criminal industrial complex.

During her tenure of almost a decade as an attorney she also practiced business and bankruptcy law. She knew the revolution was financial and maintained a commitment to economic justice in all communities. Through her activism in economic justice she birthed her business architect firm, Ni’ Nava & Associates, where she advocates, educates, and provides support for the happy, healthy holistic CEOs.

As an inner child analyst, after studying with Iyanla Vanzant, the most influential, socially engaged, and acclaimed spiritual life coach of our time, she is far from your average business architect. Most people know of her highly debated concept of the emotionally intellectual CEO, where she challenges the common practice of separating business and emotions, and deep dives into how the inner child is running most corporations.

Whether she is standing on a table in the middle of an amphitheater, or organizing the largest march in the history of the United States, Madam Nselaa Ward, JD brings the same rawness that she brought to the courtroom to every single stage she knocks down. She is still marching and protesting, making people laugh and angry, and organizing the rise against oppression. Regardless of the platform, she is guaranteed to open minds, ears, and mouths.

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