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Protect Black Women

For Black Women, living in a world of both racism and sexism combines to create a
unique type of oppression. This results in Black Women disproportionately experiencing violence and sexual assault.  Black Women make 61 cents to every dollar made by black men.  Black Women receive less business resources and support, and are under represented in C-Suites and politics.  For Black Women simply existing means that we deserved to be abused and oppressed.  By protecting and supporting Black Woman we can break down the system of normalized abuse and oppression and cultivate freedom, equity, and opportunity for everyone.

White Women Can We Talk

Despite the fact that it has been going on for centuries, 2020 ignited that year of enough.  Enough of calling the police for BBQing, or bird watching, or selling water.  2020 was the year of enough of white women using 911 as customer service.  After organizing a national tour with the National Organization for Women, Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor joined forces with Georgia National Organization for Women’s President Triana Arnold-James to confront this and other social traumas that are burning down allyship.  White Women Can We Talk is touring all 50 states to open the Pandora Box’s forum of what White Women and Black Women need to do to put out the fire on the bridge to re-building America.

International Black Business Agenda

As Chairwoman of the International Black Business Agenda, Nselaa Ward, has committed to the IBB Agenda of uniting and enhancing black businesses across the diaspora in the radical liberation of black lives through strategic financial alliances. 

Moguls Make Moguls Radio

Moguls Make Moguls Radio is the hottest new radio show where Madam Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor is “Giving You the Business. This is where you get everything you need to know about handling your business.”  Madam Nselaa Ward and her favorite guest host interview celebrities, influencers, activists, public figures, and C-Suite Executives to get the truth and inside edition on what it really takes to become a mogul.  Real moguls make other moguls, and this is where they come to do the work. 

From Corner Blocks to Corner Offices

CB2CO is Nselaa’s signature community program that works with sex workers as well as survivors of abuse and domestic violence and develops their power of entrepreneurship. Nselaa and her team provides the blueprint, mentorship, and resources necessary to empower former survivors to define their own existence. Corner Blocks to Corner Offices teaches survivors to not only be the CEOs of their new companies but the CEOs of their lives.


Nselaa Ward has teamed up with the Khairi Kid CKO, Andre Khairi Johnson to provide the foundation of entrepreneurship for our future. Our Mini Moguls range from ages 8 to 18 and are learning skills and systems to become Chief Kid Officers of their own companies.

Military to Mogul

Military to Mogul is a joint venture with Best Selling Author, Bryant Wardlow, Author of Military to Mogul: The Guidelines to Get Off the Sidelines. M2M is our worldwide program helping former soldiers and armed forces to transition from military life or armed forces into entrepreneurship. M2M bridges veterans and officers to the key resources, systems, and support to help them mentally, financially, and systematically become successful CEOs.

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